Sunday, May 9, 2010

Speed Scrap!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Scrapmatters iNSD blog train

Happy iNational Scrapbooking Day!!! What a wonderful holiday!! He, he!! Well, you should have just arrived from Britt's blog. Before we get to the freebie, I wanted to share a special moment my family had this last Thanksgiving:

Now while it looks like a bunch of us trying fly wooden airplanes, there is something special about it. My brother (man in the center) had invited his girlfriend's parents to my mom's house so that our families could meet (girlfriend on far right. My daughter is center by my brother. The other two people, are the parents). NEVER have we met "the parents". Everyone thought David was going to propose to her while we were all there. But I knew better, it wasn't romantic enough for him. This was a chance for our family to get to know each other. My baby brother had finaly met "the one" God had choosen for him. So in this moment, I knew that our family would never be the same. I finally had a sister!! O.k., well, not offically, but soon. I knew it. And yes, David did propose the following month ... a story I will save for a different time. :)
Now onto your freebie!!

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