Friday, January 23, 2009

Just another page ...

Here is a page I just finished the other night. I am in August of 2007 when we were at the beach camping.

Our family has been doing good. Last night I did a dance at our church. We are in the midst of having a conference with Mehesh & Bonnie Shavda + Martin Scott. The dance went well ... I pray. ;) I am trying to get over a cold ... yuck. Brianna is doing good. Loving school ... ha, ha. We are preparing to go into high school ... insert scream here ... Can't believe she is old enough to be in high school. Cassie just finished a photo shoot with some friends for Suzette Allen on Monday. You have to go over and check out how CUTE the shoot turned out ... I think you will figure out the password. ;) Jim is doing good ... working ... trying to get the girls beds done. Poor guy. He truly wants to finish them, there just aren't enough days in a week. :) That is our life in a nutshell right now. I pray you have a blessed day!

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HeatherAnnPhotography said...

i love the torn paper effect in this layout... the colors are just perfect