Friday, November 14, 2008

Heidi #9

While waiting at church one Saturday, I decided to take some pictures. Cassie was "helping" me as I was looking for fun shots of fall. Cassie picked up this leaf and said, "Mommy, this will make a good picture. It has a water drop too!". She was right! I played around in Lightroom with presets and came up with this. :)
I just realized I posted this on the wrong blog! Oppps! Oh well, it isn't a scrapbook page, just a great picture of Cassie's hand.;) Onto tripleshots ...

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Cyndi146 said...

Hey, you did put in your name and number! Good girl :) Just came over to check your scrapping post for the day and laughed when I saw this post. Meaning... I can totally relate!!