Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Foreign Language

Scrapmatters had a challenge to have your title be in a foreign language on your scrap page. Well, I am one who likes to speak English (I did take 2 years of Spanish ... don't remember a thing), so I was going to skip this challenge. But as I started thinking about it, I realized that when you text on a cell phone, that is a language all on its' own. Since I don't have texting on my phone, I do not understand it ... but Bri does. So I made her be my model and took pictures of her texting and speaking her own "language". :) BTW (by the way), Bri came up with the title on the page and I interpreted it. :)

1 comment:

Becky said...

No hablo espanol? Did I even spell that right? I cant spell it or speak it. HA!