Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, thought I would post our normal everyday life. Jim is about ready to celebrate a birthday ... Yipeeeee!! ;) He is still out of work. He has turned in a whole bunch of resumes, but no luck yet. God knows and is in control so we keep trusting in him. Our dryer broke Saturday, so that has been fun to deal with as well ... sigh ... ;)
Brianna just turned 14. I am amazed that in 2 months, she will officially be in 9th grade. A high school student. My baby is no longer a baby. She is very excited about high school. We won't hear what classes she has until August, so the suspense is killing her. He, he!!
Cassie is typical Cassie. She just started playing softball again. Jim is able to help out this year (I guess there are blessings of being laid off) with her team the "Sour Apples". We had our first official game on Friday night, which we won. Yeah Cassie!! If Cassie gets board on the field, she starts picking grass, making lines in the dirt, etc. She needs to learn to be patient and focus.
I am still teaching. It has been a roller coaster ride these last 3 months. One gal took a leave of absence to finish her credential for 3 months, so we have had a sub. Then I have been training a new gal as well. Needless to say, I will be happy when work returns to "normal". I just got back from a PE Conference that lasted 4 days. It was fun, educational and tiring. :) I was also contacted out of the blue by a digital scrapbook designer who asked if I would be on her Creative Team. After looking at her kits, I said yes!! So, you will be seeing more of Nikki's stuff here on this blog as well. I felt very honored to have been picked and not had to reply to a creative team call with the chance of a "no". :)

Anyway, I think that puts our lives in a small nut shell. ;) I pray all is well with everyone and you having a blessed day! :) Hopefully next post, Jim will have a job! :)

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